Testing offers

With nine offer types to work with, you have plenty of promotions to choose from! To give you a sense of the functionality of Ultimate Special Offers, you can test out all nine offer types in our demo store.

BOGO - highly customizable Buy X Get Y offer

Head to our BOGO Collection here! Add one product to the cart— this can be the same product or a mix and match. Once you get to the cart with an item added, you will see a popup that offers 50% off on your second item!

Bulk - discount items bought in bulk

Start on the Bulk Collection page here. Select five of the same product or mix and match with other items from the collection to get the 10% discount.

Bundle - discount products that are purchased as a group

Start on the collection page here! Select any product to get started and you will see the offer prompts in the product page— all three looks for $100. You can either add the single item to the cart to see how the rest is suggested in the Cart page, or add the entire bundle directly from the product page.

Discount - put any product, collection, or variant on sale

First, head over to the Discount collection here. The offer is for $5 off any items in the collection. Add to cart and see the success message for each product!

Goal - discount purchase when cart reached certain order value

We set our goal offer to work with a single collection, so start by heading to the Goal collection here. The goal amount is at $75 and once it’s hit with these products, $10 will come off of the total.

Free Gift - reward customers for purchases above certain amounts

Head over to all of the products here. The goal amount is $300 and once it’s reached, you’ll see the free gifts offered in the Cart page! The gift needs to be accepted to be added to the order.

Volume - increase average order value by offering discounts for volume

Start on the Volume collection page here. We’ve set our offer settings to require the tiers per product, so go into any product and add the quantity of your choice. Then head to the cart to see further messaging!

Upsell - promote complementary products with a popup

Head over to the Upsell collection here. Add one of the backpacks to the cart and the sneakers will pop up as a suggestion. If the popup is closed, the offer wont come up again unless you test with an incognito browser.

Post-Purchase Upsell - promote complementary products with a popup after purchase

All of the products in our demo store are triggers for the post-purchase upsell. In this case, you can put through a test order to see how it all works. Click here to get started and simply complete the checkout process using the following information. You can fill in any shipping and billing information, and in the payment fields use the information below with our Bogus gateway. Once the order goes through you will see the offer page!

Credit card number: 1
Name: any first name and last name
Expiry date: any date in the future
CVC: 123


If you have any questions about this demo or the app, please get in touch!