When your average order value is going down, bring it back up with an Upsell!

The Upsell offer doesn’t offer a discount or price break, but it does give you a chance to suggest a great product pairing to your customer. Make customers feel like there’s a sales associate there with them, offering their recommendations based on what the customer has selected. Since there’s no discount given, it also means no cut to your profit margins.

Getting set up 

Select your trigger 

Start by selecting the products that will activate the upsell suggestion. You can choose between specific products or collections. This is a chance to show some thoughtful combinations, which you can achieve by being specific with the triggers.

Choose your promotions 

Here’s where you will select the item(s) that will show when one of the trigger products has been added to the cart. If you pick an entire collection, it will show a few options and link to the entire collection to grab the customer’s interest!

Visibility and availability 

Create urgency and draw attention to your sale using the sales badges and offer messaging communicating the offer. Here’s how the discount will show throughout your site: 

  • This will only appear on the Cart page, and only show once you have added a trigger product. At that point, a popup will show the suggested items. They can be easily added to the cart directly from there. 

If you would like to change the colors or appearance of the offer messaging, you can do that in the Appearance settings.

Tip: In the Availability section of the app admin, you can create a schedule for your offer. You can also choose who can take advantage of your offer by requiring customers to log in or creating custom links.

Check out our support article for more details

Testing the offer 

Head over to the Upsell collection here. Add one of the backpacks to the cart and the sneakers will pop up as a suggestion. If the popup is closed, the offer won't come up again unless you test with an incognito browser.

How to get the most out of upsells and cross-sells 

Pairing complementary products 

When it comes to creating successful upsell offers, it’s important to keep product pairing in mind. The secondary product offering or upsell should complement or bring additional value to the initial product selection.

For example, a makeup company could offer brush cleaner when a customer puts a cosmetic brush in their cart, or a jewelry brand could suggest earrings that match a selected necklace

Price competitively 

Pricing highlights another important factor. While the upsell comes at an additional cost, you should refrain from featuring products that are exponentially higher in price, as this will result in a lower conversion rate.

For example, if a customer purchases a discounted lamp for $40, the chances of them purchasing a couch for $800 dollars as an upsell offer is highly unlikely. It’s a best practice to keep the upsell within 15 to 25% of the price of the initial item, in terms of additional cost, in order to maximize your conversion rate.

Include multiple products 

Don’t be afraid to offer more than one product as part of our upsell strategy. In fact, data shows that shoppers are more responsive to offers that present at least 3 products as an upsell, as long as they are highly relevant to the initial item selected.

Test different combinations

Try promotions that use different triggers and suggested upsells, variations on the number of upsells offered, and products at different price points to see what converts best with your customers. Once you’ve figured out what tactics produce the highest results, you can focus on those sales to maximize revenue.

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