The best word in marketing is ‘free.’ People love free stuff! Free gifts are an excellent vehicle for getting customers into your store, whether out of curiosity or genuine interest in getting the product.

Create buzz around your store with this excellent offer type.

Getting set up 

Set the Spend Goal and choose your gift 

Your spend goal is the dollar amount that customers need to meet in order to receive their free gift. As a tip, check your Shopify analytics to find out the average value of orders in your store and set the spend goal higher than the average order value.

Then, select the product(s) you want to offer as free gifts. The free gift item can be a specific product, a choice from selected products, or a choice from a selected collection, though a maximum of 8 products will be displayed on the Cart page.

Set Gift Limits 

Make sure you choose whether you want customers to receive one gift per order, or receive a gift each time a multiple of the spend goal is reached.

Visibility and availability 

Create urgency and draw attention to your sale using the sales badges and offer messaging. Here’s how the discount will show throughout your site: 

  • As your customer shops on any Collection pages, they will see a banner with the spend amount needed to reach the free gift. 
  • The banner will also show on any Product page.  
  • On the Cart page, once the goal amount is reached, a popup will show with the free gift options. 

If you would like to change the colors or appearance of the offer messaging, you can do that in the Appearance settings.

Tip: In the Availability section of the app admin, you can create a schedule for your offer. You can also choose who can take advantage of your offer by requiring customers to log in or creating custom links.

Check out our support article for more details

Testing the offer 

Head over to our All Products page here. The goal amount is $300 and once it’s hit, you’ll see the free gifts offered on the Cart page! The gift needs to be accepted to be added to the order.

How to get the most out of Gift offers 

Higher order value 

Nothing encourages customers to buy more than free products. By setting a threshold for a minimum order amount, you encourage your shoppers to buy more to hit the minimum and get the free gift. Check your Shopify analytics to find out the average value of orders in your store and set the spend goal higher than this amount.

Bring customers back with the right products 

When you offer gifts, you can view these products as free samples. It’s best to use products that are single use or require repurchase, like cosmetics, food, etc. This way, the customer falls in love with the product, and is inclined to return to your store for more!

Test variations on the offer 

Try offering different gifts and setting different spend amounts to see what’s most effective. Testing out variations of free gift offers will help you determine what gifts have the most value in the eyes of your customers.

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