Getting customers to your store isn’t easy. So once you’ve done the hard work of acquiring web traffic and the customer is shopping, you want to encourage them to buy more items. Product bundle offers are a fantastic way to accomplish this!


This upselling method offers multiple products to be purchased as a group for a discounted price. It leaves customers with a greater sense of value for money, and you with a higher average order value for your Shopify store— win-win!

Getting set up

Choose items to bundle

Select the  items for your bundle offer. If you choose a single product, the customer will be required to purchase multiples of that product in order to receive the discount. If you choose multiple products or a collection, the customer will be able to select any combination of those products to receive the discount.

Set your discount

This is when you select whether the discount will be applied as a percentage discount, fixed dollar amount discount, or a set new price for the entire bundle.

Visibility and availability

Create urgency and draw attention to your sale using the sales badges and offer messaging. Here’s how the discount will show throughout your site:

  • On the Collection page you will see the sales badges if they have been enabled for this offer.
  • On the Product page you will see both a banner at the top of the page, as well as a new block inserted below the Add to Cart button that shows the entire bundle of products and the discount. There’s also an easy action to add all to the cart.
  • In the Cart page, if a customer has added a partial combination of the bundle, the rest of the items will show as popups to prompt the entire discount. Once the entire bundle has been added a success message will show as a banner! 

If you would like to change the colors or appearance of the badges, banners, and bundles, you can do that in the Appearance settings.

Tip: In the Availability section of the app admin, you can create a schedule for your offer. You can also choose who can take advantage of your offer through requiring customers to log in or creating custom links.

Check out our support article for more details

Testing the offer

Start on the collection page here! Select any product to get started and you will see the offer prompts in the product page— all three looks for $100. You can either add a single item to the cart to see how the rest is suggested in the cart page, or add the entire bundle directly from the product page. 

How to get the most out of bundling

Identify top sellers

Make use of your sales and traffic data to determine your most popular products— bonus points if you have sufficient sales data from the same period in years prior, as this will help you identify seasonal trends!

Once you’ve identified two to three of your top sellers, pick products that compliment each other in a bundle offer. 

For example, if you consistently sell warm blankets and couch cushions in the late fall, consider bundling them together at a discounted price to increase your average order volume. 

Pair similar products together

Perhaps you don’t have enough data to go off of, or you’ve added a slew of new products to a collection, thus resulting in no sales history on which to base decisions. In this case, we recommend bundling products that serve the same niche or exist in the same collection. 

Create upsells

Don’t be afraid to create upsells (within reason!). For example, if you sell premium coffee beans, try bundling them with a French press. This strategy is particularly effective during the holiday season when consumers are looking for “starter kits.”

Test different groupings

Run different bundle promotions to see what customers are most interested in.  For example, try bundling different colors or styles of the same product, or complementary products that can be used together.

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